What’s Your Gambling Style Based on Your Personality?

Every human is different in their own distinct way. Some may be very outgoing and energetic, while others can be introverted and anti-social. These traits carry over to many aspects of their daily lives and can affect outcomes of even the smallest of situations. A person’s character traits will ultimately dictate how one’s life turns out. This is especially true when it comes to playing online casino games.
A person cannot simply turn their personality on and off. At times we may pretend to be witty and smart for an interview or meeting that dreaded in-law. But, the reality is that our personality is engrained in us and there is little we can do about it.
If you watch a game of Blackjack or Craps, you will notice that each person has their own unique way about approaching the game. You can tell a lot about a person simply by observing how they play casino games.
Personally, I have the personality of an introvert, which is why I choose to play casinos online. However, it’s the other aspects of my personality that will ultimately decide my fate at the tables. My life is very chaotic and I am always seeking for that next rush. I am also much unorganized and if you do happen to catch at the casino tables, my chips will rarely be in a neat stack.
Perhaps the most interesting part of my personality that will slide over to the gambling aspect is my lack of rational reasoning. This can also be called tilt, or to be perfectly honest, hot headed. In a real life situation that doesn’t go my way; I will usually blurt a few expletives and make the least rational decision. When I am gambling, the same holds true. If I get a bad run of cards or go on a losing streak, the cuss words will come flying and the chips do the same. A few seconds later, I am left either broke or thanking my lucky stars that I weathered the storm and still have money left.
For those who are the complete opposite of me, you will find a totally different style of gambling, and lifestyle for that matter. The calm organized, cool headed casino player will just waddle away at the games, not taking many risks and making every decision in a calculated manner. To me this is the most bossing person to play with, but it is the right way to play. They will usually have the chips when we walk away from the games.
There are many styles of play that can be found among casino players. Quite often a person may have a brief glimpse of alter ego and suddenly become a reckless gambler. Deep down inside they’ve been bottling up this emotion to just cut loose and have a good time. This is generally not a great way to make money playing casino games, but it sure is fun.
What’s your personality both on and off the casino games? Share with us your style of play and if you notice that your normal personality carries over to the gambling world. Or maybe you’re that soft spoken, well maintained business man or woman who suddenly morphs into that reckless gambler and throws caution to the wind.

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