Poker Maniacs’s Strategy


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If you have been playing poker for a long period. You will notice some players with huge stacks *usually* dominating the table. And it works like a charm for them. All they do is place their bet to scares, other players off.

Chances of winning are higher

They’ll raise pre-flop and bet huge on the flop most of the time which scares anyone without the absolute nuts. Other players will then, quickly tighten up and waiting for the best cards. They’ll keep haemorrhaging the table and stealing pots. If someone re-raises him, he’ll quickly fold without any damage to his stack. If he has the chances to call or have great cards in hands. He will scare others players back off until nobody competes with them.

Imagine this…9 out of 10 opponents pushes all in pre-flop every single hand. Only you considering whether to join in or not by depending on the cards on your hand.

I’ll bet you can guess what happened next.

And that’s not all… they were called as aggressive player. They collect lots of little pots, building a large stack with surprising speed, only to give it all back in one big pot when they shove against the wrong person with the wrong cards.

But better still — playing against those players are very difficult. Games with them are unquestionably high-variance.

You can’t predict what their next move is.

For instance, this is one of the strategies playing poker. If your balls were big enough, perhaps you can play with this strategy. It works for players playing in the long run.

As you may have noticed… most of this players are high roller playing at very VIP table. Those are great tables to play at. Most solid players will end up staying at that table a lot longer than they planned.

And guess what? They are hard to read which can make them difficult to play against with – while playing with them you’ll gain a lot of tricks and skills. Every players has their own style of playing.

Right now you can try this strategy here.



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