Be a smart player in playing Baccarat


For those of you who don’t know, Baccarat (the “t” is silent) is a game for the high rolling, high buy in, sophisticated set – or at least it used to be.

To play Baccarat, the dealer deals two cards to two different “players”, the banker and the player. The game is won when you bet who’s (banker or player) hand will come the closest to 9. In Baccarat, cards have different values than in poker. Each of the cards 1-9 are face value, but face cards (Jack, Queen, King) have no value. If the banker is dealt a 5 and a 6, the total is 11, but any value over 9 has 10 subtracted from it so the banker, in reality, has a 1. The cards are dealt until someone reaches 9.

If either the banker or player is dealt an 8 or 9, that hand automatically wins. Winnings are even bet. When you want to win at Baccarat, there is one tip that will help you walk away with money every time. The GREATEST Baccarat strategy tip EVER is to be smart with your money!

Bet low, make sure to keep track of that 5% commission on the banker’s bet, and take the house bet.

Take the bet with the lowest risk. Sure, betting on a tie has the biggest payout, but it also has the biggest house advantage of more than 15%. When you bet low and take fewer risks, the chances of you walking away with some cash is higher.

When you bet on the banker and win, you have to pay a 5% commission to the house. Since this commission isn’t due until you leave the table, you need to keep track of how much you owe. If you owe $400 in commissions to the casino but you lose and are left with only $100, you will find yourself writing a check to the house. Make sure that you at least have enough to pay the commission.

When you bet with the house, you are betting with a “player” that is cautious and very good at making smart money decisions. The best Baccarat strategy is to think like the house; what would the house do, how much would the house bet, when would the house walk away?

Baccarat is a fun game that doesn’t take much skill, but you’ll need to find a casino that offers Baccarat at the lower buy in tables or you’ll find yourself shut out or spending more than you intended just to sit down.

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Why Online Casino Slot Gaming is Popular?


The ability to win big at slot games and have a lot of fun contribute to slot machine popularity. Jackpot payoffs also contribute to a love for slots.

If there was one image that pops into most people’s mind when the subject of casinos is brought up, it would be the slot machine. Among the reasons for this would be the fact slots machines are easily the most popular of all gaming to take part in. This is not only true with the traditional brick and mortar casinos, it is also true with the new world of virtual casinos.

What is it about slots that makes them so popular?

There are quite a few reasons why online slots draw the attention of so many gamblers. Probably the most common reason would be that slot machines are easy to play. All someone wishing to win at slots has to do is credit a monetary amount to the spin and engage the virtual handle by pushing a button. Such ease of play also contributes to ease of access. There are no complicated rules to learn and, really, there are no decisions to make other than selecting a particular machine and deciding on a wagering amount. Again, that makes it really easy for anyone interested in wagering to do so.

The iconic nature of slot machines is also something that should never be overlooked. Slots have a long and rich history. In addition to the scores of avid gamers that love to play slots, there are those that may be major poker or blackjack players that will sometimes give slot play a try. Other than roulette, there are not many other games people will be interested in trying their luck with. This includes other relatively easy games of chance.

The look of many slot machines are visually appealing. One overlooked truth about casino gaming is that it can be a great deal of fun. The aesthetics of a particular virtual slot may incorporate a theme that makes playing at the machine very enjoyable. There is a good reason why so many unique and entertaining themes are weaved into the design of slot machines. Looks and style do count for a lot with many players.

Certainly, the ability to win a great deal of money at the slot machines will contribute to the enormous popularity of the games. In addition to the direct payoffs from the individual slot machines, it is possible to win at jackpots the slot games have been intertwined. Some of these jackpots are quite lucrative in the amount of money they offer. The ability to win huge on a jackpot definitely will make slots incredibly popular.

Slot Machines History

In the course of years past, slot machines have come to be known as a universal symbol for gambling; Most members of the general public only have to take one look at the machine itself and they will invariably identify it with the pastime.

The machine, of course, represents a game that is not only one of the most popular with players but has also become a cultural phenomenon.

So how did the slot machine get its start?

You’d have to go back all the way to the 19th Century.

A company called Sittman and Pitt – located in Brooklyn, New York – developed a machine in 1891, containing five “drums” with fifty card faces. In a way, you could equate it with a five-card stud game, where ultimately the best poker hand won.

The new machines met with tremendous popularity in hospitality establishments around New York City, and prizes were given out to winners by the bar and restaurant owners themselves because no money was paid directly out of the machine. Although it laid the groundwork for the development of the slot machine, it really was more like the predecessor of the video poker machine.

The slot machine, in the general way we are familiar with it, had its origin in the city of San Francisco, courtesy of Charles Fey, a mechanic who developed it in his humble shop. The San Francisco Chronicle documented a demonstration Fey made for this new machine in 1887, but exact reports are a little sketchy.

He used the term “slot machine” to describe the device, a designation which confused some people, since that was also the word used for a vending machine – the type that dispensed cigarettes, for example. It wasn’t long, however, before there was no mistaking it at all.

Fey was the inventor of the original three-reel slot machine. Those reels had ten different symbols on them – spades, diamonds and hearts were derived from card decks; there were also horseshoes and bells. And on each of the reels there appeared a cracked Liberty Bell symbol. because this was so identifiable, the machine came to be known as the “Liberty Bell machine.”

It process was familiar – the player put a coin into it, pulled a handle, and the reels started to move. They would stop automatically, and would pay off three in a row on the center line. The big payoff was achieved when three Liberty Bells in a row were realized, at which point the player got 50 cents for the effort.

Of course, it’s a little different today, with multiple paylines and the evolution of different symbols and icons and – with the I-Slots that have become a staple at Superior Casino – characters and storylines. But it all had to begin somewhere.

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Improving your Luck at 128Casino


There’s been a moment in every 128Casino player’s online gaming experience when things just don’t seem to go their way. You hit your favorite interactive slot’s spin button over and over and nothing happens. You wait for the right cards to fall your way while playing blackjack but they just never do. And you even try your luck with one of our fun Scratch Card games but this isn’t really your day.

If you seem to be having and odd day but would love to change things around there are in fact some things that can be done in order to improve your luck!

One of the first things you should definitely try to always keep in mind is that perhaps you’ve pushed your limit with a particular game. It may be wise for you to switch slot games if perhaps you’ve been trying to land a juicy prize for the last couple of hours with no luck. 128Casino offer players six of casino and over hundreds of slot games to choose from in addition to our realistic and always exciting classic table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker and many others!

If you’re still having issues improving your luck after a long session then it might be the right time to take a break. Remember that just like in brick and mortar casinos there are times when playing just doesn’t sit right with that particular day and you decide to head home. When playing online casino games there might be times when it’s right to take a break, step away from your computer and enjoy some fresh air which will give you a new perspective and hopefully have lady luck come your way sooner!

Playing casino games is all about having fun and enjoying yourself. There will be times when you might not win as much as you would hope but just like in live casinos, there will be other times when cashing out your winnings will feel like an every day experience!

6 Common Blackjack Mistakes and How To Avoid Them


Though games like poker, baccarat, and craps can be considered confusing by inexperienced players making their way to live and online casinos, blackjack is widely considered easy to pick up. While most players understand blackjack basics (getting closer to 21 than the dealer without going over), misplaced confidence may lead to blackjack mistakes. Fortunately for you, however, we here at Titan Casino are here to help. What follows is a list of the worst blackjack mistakes you can make, and (hopefully) how to avoid them.

Playing By Feel

Gambling for real money can be quite the rush, and that adrenaline can inspire players to make some otherwise questionable decisions. Oftentimes, these players will attribute their iffy calls to a “feeling” they have about what the outcome of the blackjack hand will be. Even the most seasoned professionals cannot predict the outcome of a deal with 100 percent certainty, so believing that you can sense how a hand will play out is one of the worst mistakes you could make.

Always Buying Insurance

At many casinos, players can opt to purchase insurance against a blackjack if the dealer’s top card is an ace. While some insurance can be a wise decision if the dealer has a 10-valued card (a 10 or higher), this outcome only happens one third of the time, reducing the efficacy of the insurance and making it an increasingly poor decision for the average player. Requesting insurance each and every time it’s available will effectively cancel out your initial bets and limit any traction you may gain by winning either bet.

Not Obeying the Casino’s Table Rules

If you’re playing blackjack online then you likely won’t have to worry about any strict table restrictions, as the process will be automated. Taking a seat in a live casino, however, subjects players to a bevy of rules and regulations that they may otherwise be unaware of. For example, if you’re playing a face-up blackjack you should not touch your cards, as some cheaters have been known to mark aces and other 10-valued cards once they’ve seen them.

Never handle your chips once the hand has been played, as the dealer cannot be certain that you haven’t altered your bet based on the outcome of the hand. Likewise, it’s best to keep your chips in neat and orderly stacks, as sloppy piles of chips will cause similar issues with payouts and flow of play. While most of these tips may seem to deal with etiquette more than actual rules, remember that should a dealer experience enough issues with a player, they may call a pit boss to escort you from the table – and possibly from the casino altogether.

Failing to Consider the Type of Game You Are Playing

While the basics of blackjack are typically the same, many casinos alter the rules to improve their house advantage or draw in new players. Though most casinos instruct all dealers to stand on a soft 17, others allow them to play at their discretion. Other tables may draw from multiple decks of cards to throw off card counters or other statistically-minded players. Small shifts in the rules like this can alter your understanding of the game and result in some serious blackjack strategy mistakes.

Being Afraid to Make Bold Plays

Like many games of chance, players hitting the tables with reckless abandon may have success in the short term, only to see their stacks shrivel over time. Just because the game favors conservative play, however, doesn’t mean that players should be afraid to bet big when the odds are in their favor. When your cards are mid-level, such as ace-two (a hand known as a soft 13), and the dealer’s face up card is weak (say a 6 or lower), you will be in a strong position to make a winning hand. As such, doubling your bet in this scenario is a strong move, and will likely net you good money in the long run.

Similarly, some players might be nervous about the concept of splitting pairs. Aces and eights in particular should be split every time they are played, as they offer the best chance for a victory and a hefty payout.

Refusing to Surrender

In blackjack, as in war, there is no shame in surrendering. In fact, sometimes it is the only way to reduce one’s losses and live to fight another day. Hands like 15 and 16, which are too high to comfortably hit, but too low to comfortably stand, are an ideal time to surrender, as there is a high chance you will lose should you hit, but an equally high chance that a dealer will bust if they do.

Why online casino games are better?

Online casino games have gained tremendous popularity in recent times, which does not mean they are better or worse than conventional casino games or casinos in their entirety. However, they do have some solid advantages in terms of services and offerings. Actually, both virtual casinos, like real, each have their own advantages and disadvantages. In this article we will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of having fun with online casino games within online casinos.

Bonuses, promotions and bonuses

Online casinos, to integrate a very competitive business, provide benefits to its users for their choice. The bonuses are a clear example. This is a deposit that are gifted to new users, with which you can start making your bets. Also take into account that the best online casinos casinos programs for old players, so they keep getting good promotions on a weekly basis. No player can complain about the lack of promotions to play online casino games. The thing is, in physical precence casinos you wont find any bonuses or starting match up promotions.


Comfort is a big advantage. If you do not live in a big city, you may have to travel to go to a casino. In the case of online casinos, you can play anytime, from the comfort of your home. This means you can get on your pajamas while eating a slice of pizza while betting though your computer. Comfort is something crucial when playing online casino games, so it greatly benefits the player. In real physical presence casinos, there are many external disturbances to the fact of playing. An example of this is cigarette smoke or annoying noises. At home all these problems are avoided. These problems detract you from the experience, troubling your game and decreasing your chances of making profits and having fun.

Lack of Tips

While playing online casino games, you do not spend on tips. In real casinos often feel obliged to give tips. At home it does not happen, letting you know that at the end of a game, nobody will give you a bad look when no tips appear. In addition, this increases to the level of comfort of the player, as this requirement disappears. As many people say, online casino games take the middle man out of the equation.

The Angry Croupier

How many times while playing on a casino have you faced up with a croupier that was having a bad day? Playing online casino games eliminates this entirely, as there is no one that can be having a bad guy that can make your day a bad one.

Bonus Hunting

Bonus hunting is a popular practice in the online casino industry. For some, this is a way of earning income without shelling too much. But the biggest question in this case is its corresponding effects to online casinos and to the players.

Bonus hunting explained

Bonus hunting, or sometimes called as bonus bagging and bonus whoring, happens when a player takes a bonus and immediately makes a withdrawal after satisfying the wagering requirement. A player profits from this scheme since only a small percentage of his or her money was used for the game. It is believed that this practice began in Denmark.

How does bonus hunting work?

There is no special recipe or unusual approach to bonus hunting. A player looks for online casinos that have the best offer. Usually, these are online gambling sites with large rewards, but small wagering requirement. Oftentimes, they would place safe bets on games that have a low house edge. As mentioned, the moment that the wagering requirements are met, they would immediately withdraw all their winnings instead of playing for another round.

Unfortunately, some players tend to abuse the bonuses offered by online casinos. Some would go to the extent of creating multiple accounts to get higher cash. Due to this online casinos have to impose stringent measures in preventing wide-scale abuse.

Actions taken by online casinos

In a way, bonus hunting pushed online casinos to increase their wagering requirement. Yet, even if the wagering requirement remains the same, online casinos have sophisticated programs that can track players who are into bonus hunting.

On a lighter note, despite of gaining negative reputation, it is because of bonus hunting that online casinos continue to develop and formulate new and exciting promotions that would entice each and every player.


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Live Casinos Vs. Online


The main motivation for transitioning from traditional, land-based casinos to an online casino is that the gambler is able to play wherever they go and at any time they feel like. Any gambler that has been constrained by distance or time in the past will really appreciate the convenience of online casinos, getting to a land-based casino can be a real pain in the ass for those who have work and other commitments.

Although a grey area, players in countries prohibiting land-based gambling have somewhere to place their bets in the online world. So, in addition to providing the convenience of not having to leave the home, people who are serious about their hobby don’t have to go to far flung places like Macau or Las Vegas to have a decent gamble.

Another crucial aspect of the convenience factor is the fact that the casual gambler doesn’t want to justify their trip far out of town, just to play the pokies, roulette or blackjack. Visiting an online casino means punters can now spin the reels via their smartphones, laptops and tablets, giving them the power to gamble on-the-go. Virtual casinos have gone to great lengths to make software that integrates with these platforms properly, ensuring a smooth game whoever you are. How many people who usually would have to travel far to indulge in their hobby are now able to do it on the commute home? Or in their own lounge rooms? The way things are headed it’s just going to get easier and easier. And hey, playing a few hands of poker in bed sounds like a good start to the weekend.

Another advantage is the fact that you don’t have to see other players, like in a casino, this allows you to better keep your cool. You know what I mean, when someone at the poker table is commenting on your every move, trying to ‘psyche’ you out. When you’re playing online, you can take your time to make the decisions you want, without the pressure of other players. In the privacy of your own home, you can be as comfortable as you like, no need to get dressed up. Hell, some gamblers play in their underwear. Being comfortable is something that will allow you to build your skill letting you focus purely on the game itself. If you get to the point where your game is so good you can hang with the trash talkers, then you have the option to play live in the future.

There is a lot of online casinos out there, offering all sorts of games. But remember to try and sort the good from the bad, find a place you like to play, that offers you a good bonus. Try and make the best of your bankroll and remember, above all else, to have fun.