Bonus Hunting

Bonus hunting is a popular practice in the online casino industry. For some, this is a way of earning income without shelling too much. But the biggest question in this case is its corresponding effects to online casinos and to the players.

Bonus hunting explained

Bonus hunting, or sometimes called as bonus bagging and bonus whoring, happens when a player takes a bonus and immediately makes a withdrawal after satisfying the wagering requirement. A player profits from this scheme since only a small percentage of his or her money was used for the game. It is believed that this practice began in Denmark.

How does bonus hunting work?

There is no special recipe or unusual approach to bonus hunting. A player looks for online casinos that have the best offer. Usually, these are online gambling sites with large rewards, but small wagering requirement. Oftentimes, they would place safe bets on games that have a low house edge. As mentioned, the moment that the wagering requirements are met, they would immediately withdraw all their winnings instead of playing for another round.

Unfortunately, some players tend to abuse the bonuses offered by online casinos. Some would go to the extent of creating multiple accounts to get higher cash. Due to this online casinos have to impose stringent measures in preventing wide-scale abuse.

Actions taken by online casinos

In a way, bonus hunting pushed online casinos to increase their wagering requirement. Yet, even if the wagering requirement remains the same, online casinos have sophisticated programs that can track players who are into bonus hunting.

On a lighter note, despite of gaining negative reputation, it is because of bonus hunting that online casinos continue to develop and formulate new and exciting promotions that would entice each and every player.


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