How Not To Lose Your Cool When Losing at Blackjack?


The blackjack table can be a source of great triumph as well as great tragedy. Often, dramatic swings, especially losses, can take their toll on a player. Though it’s technically true for lots of different casino gambling games, blackjack specifically tends to be a game of slow gains and quick losses. Whether you split your hand when you shouldn’t have, missed a low card when hitting on 15, or simply hit a stretch of bad luck there comes a time in every player’s gaming life when things just won’t go their way. Indeed, when dealing with a mounting financial loss, it’s easy for your emotions to get the best of you as you spiral into a rage.

Surely pit bosses at land-based casinos throughout the world have had to drag many an irate player away from the blackjack table numerous times throughout their careers. While there’s no denying the embarrassment that comes from having to be escorted from a casino for an emotional outburst, it pales in comparison to the effect that those same emotions can have on your bankroll. Worse still, at online casinos like Titan Casino, you’ve got to be your own policeman and make sure that your losses don’t get the better of you and cause you to make blackjack mistakes.

Anger Will Usually Lead to Blackjack Losses

Anger has a clear and demonstrable effect on an individual’s decision-making capabilities, something that was evidenced in a study jointly released by staff from the University of Illinois and UC Berkeley. Titled “Rage and Reason: The Psychology of the Intuitive Prosecutor,” the study observed how residual anger provoked a hostility that clouded people’s judgment. In other words, it’s far more difficult to make logical and rational decisions when angry.

Specifically, that study’s researchers noted that aggression and rage will cause you to make snap decisions (i.e., without thinking at all). Apply this concept to yourself if you’re frustrated by a bad string of cards at the blackjack table, and it’s easy to see how that anger could result in some questionable plays and a huge hit to your bankroll.

A Short Fuse Will Ruin Your Blackjack Strategy

While a hot temper is a fast way to go broke in any game, it’s a particular obstacle for players hoping to use card counting and other well-known blackjack strategies to their advantage. When you add the toxic ingredient of anger or frustration into a high-stakes situation where you’re wagering money and trying to concentrate on and stick to a specific blackjack strategy, it’s that much easier to lose your focus and suffer a series of defeats.

The best way to combat losing your cool is to practice mastering your emotions away from the blackjack tables. In other words, don’t start playing blackjack online or in live casinos until you’ve worked hard to be able to control your temper in the event of sustained losses. You know the old adage “practice makes perfect”? Well, truth be told, practicing your favorite blackjack strategies away from the table is a surefire recipe for improvement. There’s no better way to get used to every type of outcome, including sustained losses, when there’s nothing at stake. Once you’ve become great at it, then it’s time to venture to the blackjack tables and place your bets.

Cooler Heads Prevail While Playing Blackjack

At the end of the day, it’s important to realize that no matter how skilled a blackjack player you are, sometimes the cards will simply just not fall your way despite your best efforts. The following is NOT a blackjack myth: even while employing the best strategies, there’s still always an element of luck to winning big. So, the best advice you can take is to prepare yourself emotionally for all sorts of outcomes while playing blackjack and utilizing your table games skills to ensure that your decision-making abilities will never be endangered by flashes of hot temperedness. Whether it’s taking long deep breaths or walking around the casino, or taking a short break from your online blackjack session, finding an activity to calm you nerves when you feel your anger start to rise is something that every successful blackjack player should have in their skill set.

Success While Playing 128Casino Games: Not Just Luck and Skill


There are many 128Casino players out there who might think that winning is all about luck; however, this is not always the case. Of course our players need to have lady luck on their side, but they’re going to need a little bit more if they want to be truly successful.

In addition, players also believe that being skillful at a certain game will determine the outcome of their gaming session, for example, Poker. While it’s true that players do need skill, this alone will not make players instant winners. As a matter of fact, success is determined by a mixture of luck, skill, emotion control and other factors that will place players in the position of becoming winners.

Emotions have a huge impact on the outcome of online gambling sessions. It’s important for players to keep in mind that if they’re going to really enjoy the online casino experience as a whole they need to look at this as a natural extension of their normal routine and lives and that this is a healthy source of entertainment and a great way to fill up the players’ leisure time. Viewing online gambling as anything else will ultimately work in a negative way.

A great way to ensure a better end result is to try to place bets when your mind is clear and stress free. Bettors will have a much easier time making smart choices in regards to which games to play, how best to place their best, when to stop a session and so on if they have a clear head and the least amount of distractions possible. The true definition of a successful  128Casino players is the one that knows when it’s time to end a session and not have their emotions decide what’s best for them.

Why I never use Betting Tips to invest my money

Since there are a bunch of websites offering paid or free betting tips, it’s tempting for gamblers to invest their money using these tips. After all, all the hard work of studying the games, analyzing the stats and doing the necessary research is already completed by the betting experts. Sports bettors only need to follow their betting advice and bet according to the tips sent to their email address. What’s that, too easy to be true?

The idea of this post first crossed my mind when I read the excellent article by Trent Hamm discussing why he never uses stock market predictions to invest his money. Now you know how I ended up with this post’s title! In summary, Trent claims that if by any chance he had a profitable strategy in stock market, he would no longer be able to get great returns, as soon as he shared his strategy with anyone. He asks his blog’s readers the very common question I usually address to friends:

If you had found a secret way to make money year in and year out, would you tell anyone that secret?

Why try to make money by selling tips, when you’d make far more money by keeping them to yourselves! Although he refers to investing tips, the same discussion can be made regarding sports betting tips. If you had found a winning betting strategy, would you sell your knowledge instead of actually make money by adopting your own strategy? Why not take advantage of your skill to find value bets and restraint yourself from inviting people to improve their football or horse racing .

There is a saying that goes like: if you can’t win, teach. Making money from online betting or gambling in general isn’t for the faint-hearted. On the other hand, making money by selling betting tips is all about marketing. The betting experts just need to persuade people that they are good in tipping winners. A fancy website, a well-designed promo webpage, a couple of testimonials and an impressive ascending Profit & Loss graph are enough to convince desperate gamblers to subscribe to the tipping service.

Of course that is not the whole truth. As Trent mentions in his post, a private hedge fund is far more trustworthy and his second choice after securing his family’s wealth. Obviously a few people will get to know of the fund, since they wouldn’t want to spread the word around and lose their edge. That makes it difficult to find such a fund and be allowed to invest your money. Likewise, there are private groups of sports bettors who don’t welcome newcomers and keep their secret strategies to themselves. They share their knowledge among the group and are able to bet at value odds before bookmakers are forced to change their lines due to the demand. If hundreds of people heard from your tipping service that Arsenal’s odds at 2.50 should have been 1.70 before you placed your bet, you could have trouble finding acceptable odds yourself in a matter of minutes.

I tend to agree with Trent there when he says to avoid falling for people trying to sell investment strategies or tips. Do your homework, study the mathematics behind the game of sports betting and improve your own skill to tip winners. And if your betting tips are unsuccessful, you can always teach people how to do it!

What Are Your Keno Winning Numbers?


Keno is a game of numbers and chance. The object is to guess which ones will be picked for each specific game. The game itself involves no real strategy as it is mainly chance, but some people feel their numbers are winning keno numbers.

Being a numbers game, Keno draws in the superstitious people with hopes that their Keno winning numbers will win them a fortune. While there is no specific Keno winning system such as a betting strategy or number system, there are a few things you can do to maximize your profits.

First you want to pick the payouts with best chance of winning. You can pick up to 10 numbers, but only picking 4 is bet to winning at Keno. Picking only 4 will give you a 1 in 3 chance to win, while other blocks will have odds as high as 1 in 10.

If you are looking for the big payday, you want to pick all 10 numbers. This is the only way to win the top prize but, can be risky. Obviously the more numbers you need to match, the higher the odds. However, if you happen to get all 10 you will be greatly rewarded and the risk will be worth it.

As far as picking numbers, some like to use their lucky numbers and feel their choices are the correct ones. Lucky numbers range from birthdays to house addresses. If people have a kid, they will often use their birth dates. Sometimes you will hear people who have won say they had a dream about certain numbers and they were destined to win. Others will believe in numerology and pick their winning numbers by certain alignments of the stars and other factors that revolve around this practice.

While no number is a lucky number for everyone, it will have a certain lucky feel for others. And even though we can never predict the outcome of a single game of Keno, using any superstition you may have at the least makes the game more fun. It’s always makes for a great story when your lucky numbers do hit and you tell your friends how you knew they were going to hit. You will look like a genius or a physic who can predict the future.


Casino Games – Learning to Cope with Frustration

There are thousands of tips on how to win playing casino games, but it sure has little to do with about how to lose and learn to cope. No matter how well you know the game and its rules, in the end there is always a time when your luck will suffer a setback. When that day comes many surely feel a mixture of anger and frustration and almost unconsciously begin to bet and play higher without reason to get rid of that feeling as soon as defeat. In the end it always ends the same, more frustration.

Frustration is Everywhere

Some have the misconception that this mixture of feelings occur just by playing in casinos and not while trying online casinos, but we just have to ask the players in the network. They claim that is so common to feel that frustration playing in physical presence casinos and online casinos.

Controlling the Mental Block

Almost no player is able to control the mixture of feelings once they arrive, so it’s best to learn to recognize your symptoms and leave the game or even leave the room when this happens as they can lead directly into an evil known as Ludopathy. Make no mistake thinking it best to stay and recover the money, in fact this is the worst thing we can do, for our play and thinking skills are not at their peak. No advice nor is there any foolproof strategy that can make us overcome the mental block that suffered at that time.

Always be Prepared for the Worst

The best way to prevent this frustration is to recognize it and be prepared for the worst. If we have a bad stroke of luck or lose a big pot, it is natural to feel angry, but forget that, because if we play with the impression that the letters have been against us, we cannot get rid of the anger and begin to think of irrationally. The best at this time is to stop playing, whether we are in a casino as if we’re playing online, although in the latter case it may be a little more difficult.

Sometimes, a simple break is enough to pass the cranky. Log off the website, get up and walk. Step outside, stay with a friend and take some caffeine-anything to help you forget the trick. When you have calmed down, you’ll know, and then decide whether to return to the game or if you prefer to leave it for another occasion.