How Not to Lose Your Cool When Losing At Blackjack

The blackjack table can be a source of great triumph as well as great tragedy. Often, dramatic swings, especially losses, can take their toll on a player. Though it’s technically true for lots of different casino gambling games, blackjack specifically tends to be a game of slow gains and quick losses. Whether you split your hand when you shouldn’t have, missed a low card when hitting on 15, or simply hit a stretch of bad luck there comes a time in every player’s gaming life when things just won’t go their way. Indeed, when dealing with a mounting financial loss, it’s easy for your emotions to get the best of you as you spiral into a rage.
Surely pit bosses at land-based casinos throughout the world have had to drag many an irate player away from the blackjack table numerous times throughout their careers. While there’s no denying the embarrassment that comes from having to be escorted from a casino for an emotional outburst, it pales in comparison to the effect that those same emotions can have on your bankroll. Worse still, at online casinos like 128Casino, you’ve got to be your own policeman and make sure that your losses don’t get the better of you and cause you to make blackjack mistakes.
Anger Will Usually Lead to Blackjack Losses
Anger has a clear and demonstrable effect on an individual’s decision-making capabilities, something that was evidenced in a study jointly released by staff from the University of Illinois and UC Berkeley. Titled “Rage and Reason: The Psychology of the Intuitive Prosecutor,” the study observed how residual anger provoked a hostility that clouded people’s judgment. In other words, it’s far more difficult to make logical and rational decisions when angry.
Specifically, that study’s researchers noted that aggression and rage will cause you to make snap decisions (i.e., without thinking at all). Apply this concept to yourself if you’re frustrated by a bad string of cards at the blackjack table, and it’s easy to see how that anger could result in some questionable plays and a huge hit to your bankroll.
A Short Fuse Will Ruin Your Blackjack Strategy
While a hot temper is a fast way to go broke in any game, it’s a particular obstacle for players hoping to use card counting and other well-known blackjack strategies to their advantage. When you add the toxic ingredient of anger or frustration into a high-stakes situation where you’re wagering money and trying to concentrate on and stick to a specific blackjack strategy, it’s that much easier to lose your focus and suffer a series of defeats.
The best way to combat losing your cool is to practice mastering your emotions away from the blackjack tables. In other words, don’t start playing blackjack online or in live casinos until you’ve worked hard to be able to control your temper in the event of sustained losses. You know the old adage “practice makes perfect”? Well, truth be told, practicing your favorite blackjack strategies away from the table is a surefire recipe for improvement. There’s no better way to get used to every type of outcome, including sustained losses, when there’s nothing at stake. Once you’ve become great at it, then it’s time to venture to the blackjack tables and place your bets.
Cooler Heads Prevail While Playing Blackjack
At the end of the day, it’s important to realize that no matter how skilled a blackjack player you are, sometimes the cards will simply just not fall your way despite your best efforts. The following is NOT a blackjack myth: even while employing the best strategies, there’s still always an element of luck to winning big. So, the best advice you can take is to prepare yourself emotionally for all sorts of outcomes while playing blackjack and utilizing your table games skills to ensure that your decision-making abilities will never be endangered by flashes of hot temperedness. Whether it’s taking long deep breaths or walking around the casino, or taking a short break from your online blackjack session, finding an activity to calm you nerves when you feel your anger start to rise is something that every successful blackjack player should have in their skill set.

Why Online Casino Is Worth Your Time And Attention

We all know how popular online casinos are, some are dedicated to cater poker game while others administer the game of slots. But, generally speaking, most of the best rated online casino sites managed every casino game that are already developed for online gaming.
The thing is, there’s still a lot of people or players hesitating to join in any online casino. They refuse the comfort and remain with doing the old routine of travelling back and forth everyday from the brick and mortar casino to their home or office. There is nothing wrong with this, but if you want to save time and extend your gambling budget a bit, a casino online is a much better option. You don’t have to go somewhere, so you have more time. You don’t need to spend for travel, so you have more cash for gambling. All you have to have are a computer connected to the internet and a casino account online loaded with enough cash to gamble. You have that and you’re good to go.
Well anyway, some players really do have reasons. For one, their jurisdiction prohibits online gambling. But, if your law allows wagering at online casino sites, why not try it? There are an array of benefits that you can experience just by being a member. Moreover, you don’t need to travel back and forth, no dress codes to follow, log in any time, perhaps, in between breaks. It’s actually anytime anywhere as long as there is an internet connection and a computer.
And how do you like bonuses? Well, there are a lot of bonuses and other freebies can be found at online casinos. Jackpots, on the other hand, are not bad. As a matter of fact, it is competent enough to make you stay play. Some of it may even be much higher than the progressive jackpots in land-based casinos. If you fear because you don’t know how to deal with it, well, it’s actually just a matter of gaining some knowledge on what’s not and what’s what, even how to’s. And there’s also that VIP bonus you can enjoy for a superb online gambling experience.
Gaming experience is as much fun as if you are in a live casino as well. The graphics, the sounds; they really are amazing, simulating the real casino environment, especially with those powered by the industries well-known online casino software providers. Depositing as well as withdrawing can be done through an array of banking options, from the classic courier to electronic wallets, name it they have it, you are safe from the danger of carrying those piles cash on the streets.
If you are still in doubt about joining an online casino, or having a hard time in selecting the best one that would cater your needs and would match your assets, here are some tips on how you can find one that would definitely suit whatever you are looking for.
First you can visit portals that offers online casino site reviews. Directory portals have a collection of reviews, from the latest casinos in the industry to the oldest one with the most updated information. Read those reviews and list the casinos that you might want to consider. Reading reviews can really be time consuming, but through this you’ll learn more interesting things about the casinos online. It would also be better to pick the top 100 or, more shorter, top 10, filter them according to what you really need up until only a single remains.

The psychology behind casino design

As we walk through the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana, general manager Dan Nita describes the “conspiracy theory” behind casino design: They have no clocks or windows so people will lose track of time and spend more money.
While you won’t see natural light or clocks in most casinos, it’s not for the reasons you might think, according to Nita. “We recognize that everybody has their own time devices, whether it’s their phone or their watch,” he says, pausing under a glittering chandelier. Direct sunlight, he continues, would create a glare on cards and machines.
Granted, if the lack of clocks at the Horseshoe is what’s making that chain-smoker go to town at the Sex and the City slot, Nita probably wouldn’t be the one to tell me. But the man has science on his side. In a recent review of more than 15 psychological studies on casino design, British psychologist Mark Griffiths found no conclusive research on the effect of windows or wall clocks on gamblers. Still, Griffiths, who has been studying gambling since the ’90s, turned up plenty of unexpected factors that play into how you spend your cash on the gaming floor.
Picture a casino and you probably conjure an image straight out of The Hangover: blackjack players throwing down bets with Flo Rida’s “Right Round” playing in the background. Casinos modeled after that mold may have you betting at lightning speed, too. In one study, Griffiths found 56 volunteers to play roulette, piping in different combinations of music and lighting colors. A combo of red lights and fast-tempo music made people bet at a faster pace than did white lights and no music or slow music, probably because it matched gamblers’ images of a sexy, high-stakes casino.
Crowds matter, too. In 2009, scientists at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, sat down a group of 484 male and female gamblers in a simulated casino, studying how they reacted to various stimuli, including the number of people gambling near them. When the gaming floor was less crowded, females reported the urge to gamble more than they had planned. Why? The women may have felt inhibited when they knew their behavior was being observed by many others, researchers say.
And here in Chicago, Dr. Alan Hirsch, founder and director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Streeterville, has studied the effect of certain scents on gamblers. When a casino in Las Vegas pumped a pleasant but unidentifiable scent (Hirsch says a mixture of so many notes that you wouldn’t say “Aha, rose!” or “Aha, violet!”) into a slot-machine area on a Saturday, the machines raked in about 50 percent more money than on the previous or following Saturday. The smell may have boosted gamblers’ moods, causing them to stay longer and spend more, Hirsch says. Or it may have triggered sexual arousal, which he says leads to “a more aggressive behavior pattern”—in this case, more aggressive gambling.
Meanwhile, architects are doing their part to debunk the myth of the “cave” casino, incorporating windows into many newer blueprints to be more energy efficient and to offer more of a resort experience, says Ethan Nelson, president of Las Vegas’s Steelman Partners, a firm that designs dozens of casinos each year. Locally, you’ll see this in the Horseshoe’s Village Square Buffet, which offers views of Chicago’s skyline. And, on the main floor of Des Plaines’s new Rivers Casino, you’ll find clerestories—high windows that diffuse sunlight to prevent glare, says architect Charles Porter of Development Management Associates, the firm that designed Rivers.
As we wind around the Horseshoe, Nita lets me in on one more casino myth: that you’re meant to get lost on the floor so more games will catch your eye. This one, however, may hold a nugget of truth. David Canter, a British psychologist who studies the way architecture influences human actions, compares a casino’s layout to that of a department store. “I don’t think [architects] want to deliberately make casinos confusing,” he says. “But I think it’s very much the idea that people get swallowed up into it and feel comfortably part of it.” If Gov. Quinn loosens his stance on state gambling laws, maybe Macy’s would do well to stick a few slots between housewares and the men’s department.

Why the Online Roulette rocks!

The roulette in one of the favorite casino games ever created. This comes from the fact that any other casino games offer the same level of excitement and thrills as the roulette does. Seeing the ball bouncing and the roulette spinning, wishing that it hits the right socket is one of the most memorable casino games experience and one every player should at least live once.
Even so, it wasn’t until 3 or 4 years ago that the experience was faithfully replicated in an online incarnation, making available the thrilling experience from a home computer or laptop. Here players will get to know the advantages and the charm of the online roulette, a living proof that technology can greatly influence the player entertainment options.

Busy World/ Smart Alternatives

The online roulette has become a favorite around online casino enthusiasts. The greatest asset of the game is that it lets players live the same experience than the one of a physical presence casino. There will be always those who love having the cheers, sounds and colorful lights of a casino while they are gambling in the roulette, but in this day and age where time acts more like currency, many wish for a more tranquil and approachable experience from home.
Online roulettes are designed to replicate the casino roulette experience as faithfully as possible. This means seeing the ball bounce, having exiting music, hearing cheers and all that makes the roulette experience unique. Combined with the availability of doing it from home, online roulette is a great alternative for those without the time to drive to a casino. Going to a casino means paying gas, buying a few drinks and gambling a lot more (as the player won’t go and just spin a couple of numbers and get back home.

Lessened Experience

Another defining factor are the distractions. In a physical presence casino, giving it all is hard as there are distracting elements everywhere. This is one of the main methods applied by casinos to make players lose their money fast. Players should always remember that casinos are business and they want to win. Playing online roulette lets players make smart bets at their own pace, without any external pressure, greatly increasing the chances of winning.

Baccarat Rules

The aim of Baccarat is to assemble a hand with a point value totaling as near to 9 as possible. Aces are worth 1, 10s and picture cards are worth 0 whilst all cards from 2-9 retain their face value. If the value of the hand amounts to a two-digit total, disregard the first digit. The last digit represents the baccarat point value.
Some examples:
7 + 6 = 13 (point value: 3)
4 + 6 = 10 (point value: 0)
You can choose to place your bet on the banker’s hand, the player’s hand or on a tie. Once you have wagered your bet, the player and banker are dealt two cards each.
Some cases may require an additional card to be dealt (see Third Card Rules). All cards are dealt from a 6 deck shoe and each round sees the decks thoroughly shuffled.
Remember, the player with the hand closest to 9 is the winner.
A successful player bet pays 2:1.A successful banker bet pays 2:1. Please note that 5% commission will apply (vigorish).A successful tie bet 9:1.All non-tie bets are restored in the event of a tie.
Third Card Rules:
The baccarat rule table applies in the event that the player and/or the banker are dealt an additional third card.
Should the player chose to stand, the banker can hit on a total of 5 or less. Should the player choose to hit, then consult the following table to determine the banker’s action.

Important: If the player or the Banker totals 8 or 9, they must both stand. This Rule takes priority and overrides all additional rules.

Live Casinos: Have or will they take over the popularity of online casinos?

Live casinos are a relatively new innovation in the world of online gambling and offer a much more realistic attempt to mimic the experience of a real casino. The croupier is a real person and the action and interaction is happening live; this is not a filmed scenario, controlled according to play by a computer program. Many people prefer this, as it gives an added edge to the game, as you are aware of the other players through the croupier’s responses, although they remain anonymous to each other.
This type of play does not suit everyone who visits online casinos. If the player has come to the casino type game through online games of other kinds, perhaps bingo or other recreational games, the live aspect of this kind of website is perhaps not such a draw. The automatic response of the computer generated games is faster than live, especially if any of your fellow players are novices or just not as good a player as the rest of the table. The live interaction when such a player needs help can be an irritant to someone who is used to playing against a computer only.
If however the player also gambles in real casinos, they will be used to the human face of gambling and will enjoy the personal touch. Also, in games where packs are loaded into the shoe and then dealt without shuffling, the live player can be sure that the conditions exactly match those in a casino. If they regularly play in a live situation, they will be used to keeping an eye on the cards dealt and will be more comfortable with the live game. In games like roulette or craps, the individuality of the equipment is also assured when playing online with a live croupier. All regular players of roulette will assert, with some statistical back up, that wheels vary and once you get to know the individual quirks of each one, winnings can significantly increase.
As with many online situations, there is no cut and dried answer and one system is unlikely to totally swamp another. It is more likely that online computer generated gambling sites will remain very popular, if only because they can churn out games more quickly and are never ‘full’ or too busy to play. These sites typically have many different kinds of slots on the site as well as games like blackjack, roulette and all the other casino favourites and this will continue to be a big draw. For the gambler who is more interested in the personal touch and also is a believer in the individuality of equipment and dealers, the live casino site will be a very popular choice. The casino ambience is well reproduced on many sites and it makes it great fun to play. The dealers and croupiers are all extremely experienced and know how to help novices, making the game fun for everyone from the start. So, as in so many other walks of life, you must pay your money and take your choice.

Understanding Live Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses come hand-in-hand with signing up with virtually any live online casino nowadays. This is one of the great advantages players have when choosing which casino to sign up with, but it can sometimes be difficult to fully understand exactly what your bonus means to you. Here we take a look at the most popular kinds of bonuses available and how they work:
First Deposit Bonuses
This is certainly the most common and beneficial bonus to new players. Sometimes also referred to as a welcome bonus, the vast majority of live online casinos offer this kind of bonus. Basically what happens is that when you make your first deposit with your new live casino of choice, the amount you deposit is doubled, with the casino itself matching the amount you have put down. There will be predefined limits on the maximum bonus you can receive, although this is not exactly stingy and can be up to £300 – £400 in some cases; more usually £100 – £200. Also, this kind of casino bonus is not always a 100% bonus; some casinos actually go above this and offer a 150% or 200% bonus on occasion. A healthy first deposit bonus is always worth looking out for, simply because of the amount of additional funds it can add to your account.
No Deposit Bonuses
This type of bonus is becoming more and more popular and prominent with live online casinos. Rather than having to make a deposit in order to receive bonus, with no deposit bonuses you simply have to register. The amount you are given to play with is usually only around £5 – £10, although given that this is literally free money, even that is good news. The real benefit of no deposit bonuses is that you get to play the real cash versions of games on a live casino website you are considering signing up with permanently. Although most casinos have play many areas for you to try their software, there’s nothing like playing with the real thing, and no deposit bonuses gives you that opportunity.
Reload Bonuses
Although the two bonuses above are designed to give bonuses to new customers, there are a few types which are aimed at rewarding current players. Casino reload bonuses are the most common type of promotion as far as this is concerned. These bonuses are vary quite a bit from casino to casino, although essentially how they work is to give small deposit bonuses of around 10 to 15% on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Some casinos will even give a bonus every time you make a deposit. Other times, the casino will give reload bonuses on a certain day of the week, or deposits made between certain times of the day or night. Reload bonuses are certainly good for frequent players and worth keeping an eye out for.
Random Cash Giveaways
Although the different kinds of deposit bonuses are very common with live online casinos, sometimes they just want to mix it up a bit and throw some money your way. These random cash giveaways will sometimes come completely out of the blue, other times you will have to do something to be eligible for the draw, like trying a new game or betting a certain amount during the week. This kind of promotion is often a lot of fun, but is completely unpredictable.
Wagering Requirements
One of the downsides to casino bonuses, which are generally a very good thing for players, is the presence of wagering requirements – in other words, the small print. Of course, it is unrealistic to expect a casino to give a large first deposit away etc with no conditions to stop the player from withdrawing immediately. This is the reason why wagering requirements exist. These requirements basically state that the bonus money must be wagered a certain number of times before being withdrawn. Sometimes the winnings from bonuses must also be wagered a number of times before being withdrawn also. Although this can sometimes take the edge off bonuses a little, for frequent players, wagering requirements are not really worth thinking about, seeing as you’re going to be using your full bankroll anyway, and when it becomes available to withdraw, you then have the option to do so.

Why Play Slots Over Other Games?

Many people all over the world wonder why playing slots is a better gambling alternative than others. Non-gamblers in general have the common perception that high stakes games like roulette, poker and blackjack can give the biggest winnings as presented by the mass media.
Many people ask what can slots offer to any gambler or player of any skill level? What can slot games offer that cannot be found anywhere else?
One surprising answer would be happiness. Although games such as blackjack and roulette may have offer a better edge as compared to online slots however, many of these table players are constantly worried and stressed from the game they play. Worrying about what hand to play or what amount to bet constantly can wear anybody’s patience down. The same goes for people who strain their nerves in roulette when they try to “edge” the ball to fall in their bet area.
By comparison, slot players are generally easy going, happy people. They are people who aren’t easily ruffled when interrupted in a game nor look threatening to other people. People who play slots do not need to be critical or fast thinkers. All they have to do is pull the handle or press the play button and wait for the result. That’s it. Nothing else. No learning curve needed.
The ease of slot gaming is why slots is a top revenue earner for any casino. This is a constant trend and shows no signs of backing down. Casino operators quickly realize this and they invest more money into the slot games than other games in the casino.
Slots machines are the only games in the casino that allow for customization for the current trends in culture and society. Slot games have been known to have theme variants based on popular televisions shows or sports events like soccer or football. The feeling of actually participating in a theme game makes players come back for more. This is one area that no other game in the gambling world can match.
Even if a theme is old or dated, many players who return to the game feel a sense of nostalgia which they find comforting and reassuring.
Special add ons like bonus rounds or access to a secondary game within the game excites the player for it offersd them further chances of winning and the thrill of discovery.
As a whole, live and online slots have much more to offer than simple handle pulling. They offer access into a world that is bright, modern and exciting.

Coping with Bad Streaks – Online Casino Games

When bet in casinos, not knowing yourself as a loser is a key element towards a healthy casino life. When playing online casino games, the player should be able to tell when it has been enough, instead of continue gambling like his life is depending on it. In the world of online casinos, this is easier to achieve as normally it is just the player facing a monitor, with no accompanying temptations to take him to his demise other than his imagination.


Even so, imagination is a powerful weapon and a double edged sword, so today players will be able to read how to cope with online casino frustration.

Invite a Buddy

As it was said in the last paragraph, the main evil of online casino games is that the player is usually alone. This is why it is recommended to gamble with a buddy around, so that he can be able to restrain the player. When facing continual bad streaks, someone has to be able to observe the situation with an objective eye, something that tends to disappear to players that lose a lot.

New Panorama, New Experience

Another important angle players should take into account is changing the online casino. A different online casino means other online casino games, which results in a different experience. Having a different experience can lead to different results and so on. A player should always have a few select online casinos to play on. Having only one when having a bad streak can lead to an empty bank account. Even if the gambler by no means wishes to stop, he can try playing in another place. The logging out and logging in may even dissuade the player… or at least give him some time to think.

Take a Break

Another angle players can take, albeit much more difficult, is to take a break or try the casino at a different time of day. This is much difficult because a player that is constantly losing in online casino games only wishes to gets his rightful money back, with some extra cash.  As was said in the first paragraph, having a healthy online casino games life is necessary to cope with the frustration of having bad streaks, something that happens to every player.

How To Win On Online Casinos

It is always intriguing how people can actually win out of gambling. The same is true when you are playing at online casinos. The chances of winning on these gambling sites are as slim as with regular casino. However, knowing how hardcore gamblers play will definitely give you a head over the programs of these sites. Here are some of the simple tricks you need to follow in order to win big on these virtual betting games.
First, develop an affordable budget cut which you are comfortable with. Make sure that you play only within the set budget every time you log into the casino sites. For better results, you can set a monthly amount for gambling. This amount must fit your monthly income minus your regular expenses thus you are able to meet all your needs. When you win, you can add it to the set budget but never go beyond your set limits.
Second, establish a playing schedule where you need to apportion the budget you have set. Avoid overspending on one session. Usually many gamblers lose a lot because they fail to distribute their set budget. Impulsive betting will drain your budget almost immediately losing your probability of winning the pot. The best way is to divide your budget into several days of play. For example, you can set the first 25% for the first session then depending on your luck you can stop while on the middle or go ahead and consume this proportion of the total budget. This way you are able to control the game and not the other way around.
Third, you must try learning the way online casinos work. It is true that gambling is intended to make profit out of you, but learning predictable turns played by these games will surely benefit you. Thinking of how to predict this game is almost impossible but with keen observation and prolonged playing you will soon see the usual patter. This is also the reason why it is important to distribute your budget. Virtual gambling is not purely out of luck, there is a mathematical principle behind the random results of each game. Over time, you will definitely develop these mathematically based hunches which will give you an edge over the dealer.
Finally, you need to choose the best online gambling site that offers respectable pot money. This means that you do not simply play with virtual casinos advertising the highest prizes. Although each online casino has its own prize range, there is a standard running amount across these dealers. You need to be wary about some sites offering too high prizes. These deals smell suspicious and they might only be after making profit out of you. To be certain, you can check on reviews and compare which one offers the most competitive prize. On the other hand, some expert gamblers prefer playing with new online casinos because they offer bonus for the first time use. This can be helpful in stretching their budget thus they are able to win the pot after some time. You can also use this strategy but remember that not all new sites are reliable. These few expert gamblers have that knack in turning the game in their favor. By simply sticking on these four simple strategies, you are on your way in winning the jackpot.