What’s Your Gambling Style Based on Your Personality?

Every human is different in their own distinct way. Some may be very outgoing and energetic, while others can be introverted and anti-social. These traits carry over to many aspects of their daily lives and can affect outcomes of even the smallest of situations. A person’s character traits will ultimately dictate how one’s life turns out. This is especially true when it comes to playing online casino games.
A person cannot simply turn their personality on and off. At times we may pretend to be witty and smart for an interview or meeting that dreaded in-law. But, the reality is that our personality is engrained in us and there is little we can do about it.
If you watch a game of Blackjack or Craps, you will notice that each person has their own unique way about approaching the game. You can tell a lot about a person simply by observing how they play casino games.
Personally, I have the personality of an introvert, which is why I choose to play casinos online. However, it’s the other aspects of my personality that will ultimately decide my fate at the tables. My life is very chaotic and I am always seeking for that next rush. I am also much unorganized and if you do happen to catch at the casino tables, my chips will rarely be in a neat stack.
Perhaps the most interesting part of my personality that will slide over to the gambling aspect is my lack of rational reasoning. This can also be called tilt, or to be perfectly honest, hot headed. In a real life situation that doesn’t go my way; I will usually blurt a few expletives and make the least rational decision. When I am gambling, the same holds true. If I get a bad run of cards or go on a losing streak, the cuss words will come flying and the chips do the same. A few seconds later, I am left either broke or thanking my lucky stars that I weathered the storm and still have money left.
For those who are the complete opposite of me, you will find a totally different style of gambling, and lifestyle for that matter. The calm organized, cool headed casino player will just waddle away at the games, not taking many risks and making every decision in a calculated manner. To me this is the most bossing person to play with, but it is the right way to play. They will usually have the chips when we walk away from the games.
There are many styles of play that can be found among casino players. Quite often a person may have a brief glimpse of alter ego and suddenly become a reckless gambler. Deep down inside they’ve been bottling up this emotion to just cut loose and have a good time. This is generally not a great way to make money playing casino games, but it sure is fun.
What’s your personality both on and off the casino games? Share with us your style of play and if you notice that your normal personality carries over to the gambling world. Or maybe you’re that soft spoken, well maintained business man or woman who suddenly morphs into that reckless gambler and throws caution to the wind.

Immortal Romance – Go On, Have a Nibble

The 128Casino has 100s of exciting and rewarding slots to play.  Every day, we report on our big winners. One game keeps popping up like a coffin lid at sunset. Yes, folks… It’s Immortal Romance and we love it. We love it a lot. We may even love it… forever…
Take teenage heart flutter flick Twilight, add a sprinkle of Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire, and then throw in five reels, 243 paylines, and whole armoury of vampire infused goodies, and you have the red, raw, bloody meat that is Immortal Romance.
If you want an online slot with a whiff of mystery, some kinda attractive characters (in a 1980s kinda way), and a MOR soundtrack that will have you reaching for the iPod, Immortal Romance is for you.
Although, this game serves up a hefty helping of dramatic cheese, the main plat du jour appears to be – great payouts and pots of winnings. Immortal Romance is one of our top paying online slots.
The game’s characters hold the plot together. It’s fun but the real action starts when the games bonus round kicks in. Players have to unlock four different chambers. The first features the witch Amber who gives you 10 free spins.
Next up is bad boy Troy who throws bonus multiplying bats into the mix. Lothario and bloodsucker Michael steps up next with 20 spins and multipliers and all manor of goodies. There is another ‘Chamber of Spins’ but you can unlock that one yourselves.
All in all: Great story, engaging characters, great animations, rockin’ soundtrack, and a bonus round that will drain the blood from your face – in a good way. Not played it yet? What are you waiting for? Immortal Romance won’t be around forever… Or will it?

When to Double Down at Blackjack Tables

When you’re playing blackjack, one of the most exciting moments you can have is the opportunity to double down. You’re chugging away at the tables, placing bet after bet, slogging through hot stretches and cold ones, and the game starts to get monotonous. Doubling down, though, is like a shot of adrenalin. Suddenly, there’s twice the risk and the potential for twice the reward. If you want to get in there and gamble, you’ve got to double down. There’s no rush quite like it. double-down
There’s a strategy to doubling down at blackjack, though. You can’t just say the word and throw down the money whenever you please. If you do, you’ll be putting your chips at risk unnecessarily. You’ve got to be smart about it and try to master blackjack strategy.
Part of mastering basic blackjack strategy is knowing when you should double down and when you shouldn’t. There’s a lot of maths and a lot of game theory involved in ironing out the specifics, but in the end, it all boils down to these four rules.
Be Aggressive with 9, 10, and 11
The most important rule is this one: if your starting hand adds up to nine, 10, or 11, you’re in a prime position to hit and end up with a total of between 19–21. In other words, you’re very likely to win the hand. So, don’t just hit in this situation – double down. The golden rule of gambling is to push your edge when you’re ahead. Even if you’re a risk-averse player and you don’t like to make big wagers, you still have to be willing to put your money in with a strong starting hand like 6-4 or 7-2. Maximize your winnings when you’re the odds-on favourite.
Split Fives? No Way!
With most low “pocket pairs” of cards, players like to increase their wager by splitting. Got two deuces? There’s no sense in proceeding with a 4 for a starting hand, so split the deuces and try to improve your luck in two separate hands. The same applies when you’re dealt two threes, and maybe also fours or sixes, depending on the dealer’s up card. With fives, though? No way! It might be tempting to split your 5-5 and try to double your money, but educated blackjack players don’t do it. The better strategy is to double down on your 10 and try to win two bets with one hand. So, you see, knowing when to split pairs in blackjack is pretty important!
Get Creative with an Ace
If your starting hand is something like A-6 or A-7, you might consider simply standing pat, trying to win the hand with a made 17 or 18. That’s the wimpy way out though. If you double down, you can maximize your profits. You can hit a face card and still make that same 17 or 18 anyway, thus potentially doubling your money if you beat the dealer. Or, if you’re really lucky, the miracle 3 or 4 will land and you’ll hit that beautiful 21! Lots of starting hands with an ace in the hole – anything from A-7 down to A-2, really – represent a chance for you to double down and win big.
Consider the Dealer’s Up Card
All of the above rules are dependent on the dealer’s up card. Generally speaking, it’s good to be aggressive with a big starting hand. On the other hand, if you have a 9 and the dealer does too, that might spell trouble. Doubling down with 5-5 might be wise, but what if the dealer’s showing a 10 of his own? All of your decisions should consider not just your own hand, but the dealer’s hand as well. Remember, you’re not playing blackjack in a vacuum.
Follow these tips and you’ll be doubling down at the right times and giving yourself the opportunity to make the most money possible.

On becoming a great Poker Player

All Poker players go through bad times before finding the right path. The important thing here for them, is to find out what are the weakest parts of their game, otherwise it will be very difficult to get to a more competitive level. A poker player that isn’t introspective and doesn’t have the ability to look himself in the mirror will likely fail, such as a poker player that doesn’t have a correct grasp of the poker rules.
poker-good-playerMany poker players believe that playing as many casino games as possible ensues victory. If they intend to play professionally, Poker requires a lot of practice and this practice will be reflected in strategies. Loosing matches is a way to put into practice these strategies, as the player can witness which angles do help his game.
Learning the Limits
This is especially important as every player is different from the next, even if they are in the same poker profile. A player should always learn his limits. Even professional players cannot try every single strategy, as they cant pull them off with enough conviction.
The myth of luck is just one factor that can affect some games, a player with real aspirations never hopes up on luck. There are two kinds of impatience that must be clear to avoid: Playing too many hands and make good money when they have no expectations. Another important point to play a good game of poker is whether they have a clear head. If the player is in trouble or he feels stressed best he can do is stop and wait to feel better as this may adversely affect his development.
The bet in poker should be done with great responsibility to avoid unnecessary costs. Makes the final decision when you are absolutely sure of your possibilities. The Online Poker has its own tricks and strategies.

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How to choose the best Online Bingo

online-bingoEven if choosing an online bingo site between the large number of choices seems difficult, the player can certainly follow some advices in order to pick a fitting place to have some fun that suits his tastes. There are many types of online bingo sites, but they basically fall down into two categories, the great and the not so great. Here players will learn to spot the great ones.
The popularity of online bingo is growing and, therefore, online casinos are evolving and changing to get to have a greater impact on the players. Although bingo has traditionally been a game related to the elderly, the reality is very different and now bingo can be seen in all age groups. Recent studies show that the majority of online bingo players oscillate between 25 and 50 years old, so it surely has a great appeal.
Continual Evolution
Online bingo sites are continually offering quality and are more interactive services to its players, as technology lets them improve their offerings. Many of these players have the chance to talk to other players and participate in countless forums, reaffirming the bingo social factor, which draws thousands of players every year.  All is done with the goal of making the player feel the way as close as possible to sit in a hotel despite being in front of a computer screen.
How to choose an bingo online site?
The popularity of online bingo resides in the number of registered players, which has, like everything else, its upside and downside. For example, the most popular online bingo site has an advantage because they continue to show a greater number of high but the downside is that competition between players is also increasing. This means the environment is harder for new players, as the competition is fierce. Should the player be an experimented player, he will have no problem.
Therefore, players are less likely to win a jackpot or be rewarded with a good bonus. This can cause make them feel discouraged if that victory is far away and it is very difficult to win.
What Casino Cheers recommends to bingo fanatics is that they should play online bingo where there are fewer players or play in the most popular rooms but in the morning or at night, as that’s when fewer players are connected.

6 Common Blackjack Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

play-blackjackThough games like poker, baccarat, and craps can be considered confusing by inexperienced players making their way to live and online casinos, blackjack is widely considered easy to pick up. While most players understand blackjack basics (getting closer to 21 than the dealer without going over), misplaced confidence may lead to blackjack mistakes. Fortunately for you, however, we here at Titan Casino are here to help. What follows is a list of the worst blackjack mistakes you can make, and (hopefully) how to avoid them.
Playing By Feel
Gambling for real money can be quite the rush, and that adrenaline can inspire players to make some otherwise questionable decisions. Often times, these players will attribute their iffy calls to a “feeling” they have about what the outcome of the blackjack hand will be. Even the most seasoned professionals cannot predict the outcome of a deal with 100 percent certainty, so believing that you can sense how a hand will play out is one of the worst mistakes you could make.
Always Buying Insurance
At many casinos, players can opt to purchase insurance against a blackjack if the dealer’s top card is an ace. While some insurance can be a wise decision if the dealer has a 10-valued card (a 10 or higher), this outcome only happens one third of the time, reducing the efficacy of the insurance and making it an increasingly poor decision for the average player. Requesting insurance each and every time it’s available will effectively cancel out your initial bets and limit any traction you may gain by winning either bet.
Not Obeying the Casino’s Table Rules
If you’re playing blackjack online then you likely won’t have to worry about any strict table restrictions, as the process will be automated. Taking a seat in a live casino, however, subjects players to a bevy of rules and regulations that they may otherwise be unaware of. For example, if you’re playing a face-up blackjack you should not touch your cards, as some cheaters have been known to mark aces and other 10-valued cards once they’ve seen them.
Never handle your chips once the hand has been played, as the dealer cannot be certain that you haven’t altered your bet based on the outcome of the hand. Likewise, it’s best to keep your chips in neat and orderly stacks, as sloppy piles of chips will cause similar issues with payouts and flow of play. While most of these tips may seem to deal with etiquette more than actual rules, remember that should a dealer experience enough issues with a player, they may call a pit boss to escort you from the table – and possibly from the casino altogether.
Failing to Consider the Type of Game You Are Playing
While the basics of blackjack are typically the same, many casinos alter the rules to improve their house advantage or draw in new players. Though most casinos instruct all dealers to stand on a soft 17, others allow them to play at their discretion. Other tables may draw from multiple decks of cards to throw off card counters or other statistically-minded players. Small shifts in the rules like this can alter your understanding of the game and result in some serious blackjack strategy mistakes.
Being Afraid to Make Bold Plays 
Like many games of chance, players hitting the tables with reckless abandon may have success in the short term, only to see their stacks shrivel over time. Just because the game favours conservative play, however, doesn’t mean that players should be afraid to bet big when the odds are in their favour. When your cards are mid-level, such as ace-two (a hand known as a soft 13), and the dealer’s face up card is weak (say a 6 or lower), you will be in a strong position to make a winning hand. As such, doubling your bet in this scenario is a strong move, and will likely net you good money in the long run.
Similarly, some players might be nervous about the concept of splitting pairs. Aces and eights in particular should be split every time they are played, as they offer the best chance for a victory and a hefty payout.
Refusing to Surrender
In blackjack, as in war, there is no shame in surrendering. In fact, sometimes it is the only way to reduce one’s losses and live to fight another day. Hands like 15 and 16, which are too high to comfortably hit, but too low to comfortably stand, are an ideal time to surrender, as there is a high chance you will lose should you hit, but an equally high chance that a dealer will bust if they do.

What Might Be Involved In Becoming a Casino Dealer?

The casino dealer is involved in running the poker, baccarat, blackjack, craps and roulette tables at the casino. Casino dealers are responsible for operating the game, accepting the bets, and explaining the game rules to customers if required. They might also be involved in alerting security to signs of suspicious game play. Many of the knowledgeable dealers are likely to participate at several different tables throughout a typical shift. If looking to pursue a career in the gaming industry, there isn’t any requirement for formal training, but it will be highly beneficial to have completed and obtained certification from a reputable school while also having the right temperament and personality for increasing the fun and enjoyment at the tables.
Here are some of the main aspects to successfully applying for the role of a casino dealer:
Education: in order to apply for the job vacancies as a casino dealer most of the casinos will require at minimum a high school diploma or similar certificate is held by the candidate. Since the job of a casino dealer is highly related to numbers it is likely that any interview will include a math skills test that relates to the type of problems seen on the tables.
Formal training: a casino dealer needs to be knowledgeable of the basic dealing techniques, procedures, and game rules. Many of the potential dealers are likely to complete a specialized course at a technical or gaming school in the hope of earning the right certification. A quality training program is likely to incorporate such learning as the procedures and rules for the main table and card games, while also learning about the gaming regulations and laws that are applicable in the local state. Beyond the dedicated schools, you might also find that some of the community colleges are able to provide training lessons for the would-be dealer. Also, many of the reputable casinos offer a variety of programs for providing in-house training.
License: casino dealers are required to hold a license to legally operate in the casinos, and these licenses are issued by the state-licensing bureau. A full application will need to be submitted to get the license and includes providing photo identification and proof of residency. A background check is part of the process to check for criminal records, while certain states also check that no late tax fees are due. A dealer with a criminal record isn’t likely to be eligible for applying for the license.

Learning to seek the best online casino bonuses

In this article players will get to know the importance of seeking the online casinos with the best bonuses. Privileges like having a no deposit bonus or match up promotions are things that only the best online casinos offer and the player should never conform with a mediocre offering.

The old and classic model
 It is common knowledge among gamblers that physical presence casinos do not offer bonuses of any kind. To get some kind of bonus, the player should be an eccentric millionaire with a credit account that has the size of an asteroid. While this may sound attractive, most individuals don’t have this kind of fortune, so they see no bonuses. Of course, the casino may give the player free drinks if he is on a roll or send a couple of beautiful girls to motivate him to continue gambling, but this kind of bonuses aren’t real. They literally are damage control done by the casino, as chances are that a player that faces continual betting for a long amount of time, will eventually lose everything.
Advantages of online casinos
 However, with the passing of a new century, online casinos have become an important part of the typical gambler lifestyle, as they provide the casino experience from their home or even from the palm of their hand. Anyone with a weak internet connection and a cheap computer can be throwing balls on the online roulette, to give an example. Even so, online casinos take everything a step further, as they don’t compete in things like luxury and ubication, or at least, not mainly. Their main competition is on the bonuses department, as the casino with the most bonuses and most solid reputation will end up being the most popular one.
Seeking the right bonuses
Being that said, players should always seek for the online casino that offers the best bonuses. Even if many online casinos will make its bonuses sound like the best thing in the world, that is just good marketing. The player should always do a thorough search before registering anywhere.  Some online casinos even offer a no deposit bonus, which means the player gets to play without even depositing money. The online casino industry competition is so fierce that they will fight to the end to get more players. This is just good news for casino players, as healthy competition will make every online casino do its best to garner the best selection of bonuses and games.