Fun Facts about Texas Hold’Em

Like any other common casino card games, poker is a game of chance. But when it comes to betting, it becomes a serious business that requires a specific set of skills and psychology for it to be won over. Alongside its popularity were poker variants that emerged through various platforms—each characterized by a unique set of rules. Texas Hold’Em is one of the better known variants of this game.

What make Texas Hold’Em a little bit quirkier than the other poker games are its unconventional rules and interesting approach to playing card.

Here are some of the fascinating facts—including history and basic guidelines—about the game:

•    After becoming so popular in Texas, Texas Hold’Em was introduced to Las Vegas in the 60’s by a group of Texan punters and was only available at the Golden Nugget Casino for several years before it became a permanent offering in other casinos.
•    The name Hold’Em was derived from the term “Hold Them.” It is a colloquialism specific to Texas.
•    Probably because of its simple and easily understandable rules, Hold’Em has become on of the most popular forms of poker, even reaching its influence to online casinos.
•    ‘Mechanic’ has an unpleasant meaning in Texas Hold’Em. A mechanic is a cheater and a mechanic’s grip is the way a cheater usually holds his cards to make cheating easier.
•    The bluffing preparation for professional Hold’Em players is extreme. They study the subtle tells of their opponents from the movements of their eyes to the way they hold their cards.
•    ‘Rounders’ are the people who make their significant amount of income from playing poker.

These are just a few from hundreds of fun facts about Texas Hold’Em. No wonder why this game of skills, strategy, and control has become one of the most played online casino games at 128Casino V2.