5 Tips for Online Casino Success

Are you a 128Casino customer or are you thinking about joining a casino online? Whatever your answer is, we are going to share with you five tips on how to have online gambling success. It’s never a bad idea to gather new tips for making more cash, right?

If you haven’t chosen an online casino, start there. Online gambling operators are everywhere, so don’t be too hasty in making your selection. Take your time to choose a reputable online casino and make sure that it has been in the industry for a number of years, that it uses a reputable software provider, and that it offers the best odds.

Another important fact to consider is the casino offers, promotions and even gifts that the casino provides for new customers. I suggest that you also look at the regular promotions that are offered to the members on a regular basis. This is how you can check how you will be rewarded for every deposit that you make.

What Are You Good At?

Rather than taking a scattergun approach to online gambling, focus on one or two games that you really enjoy and learn them well. Get to grips with the rules, practice lots, and eventually you’ll work out a system that can increase your chances of success.


It’s key that you remember that there are games that are easier to win at than others. Games such as multi-reel Slots and Video Poker are not that profitable because there is no guarantee that you can win on any one spin. In other words, they depend on pure luck, rather than strategy. It’s always better to play those games that require strategies.

Make Your Own Strategy

Create a gambling method that suits you best. For example, sometimes, people who play online get caught up in the moment, especially when they are winning and inadvertently end up spending more money or more time playing than they originally anticipated. Don’t get caught up in the moment. Set a time frame for your online play and stick to it.

You can also employ the 3 B Betting System – Budget, Budget, Budget! Consider your gaming experience a new business venture. In any business venture, a business owner will budget to ensure he has enough funds and resources to take him through a certain period of time and that’s how you can approach your betting as well.

Finally, don’t forget to focus on the games that you play best. Those games that you can play using strategies for a better chance to win.

Greed Is Not Your Friend

Many times, players start out winning a couple of games or a few hands. But then, they notice that someone else is winning, so they want to win more. In order to win more, they begin to bet more. Then if they start losing, they are not satisfied with simply cashing in the chips or playing another game. They continue to bet until the money they set aside for the session is washed-out. This is no one’s fault but the person who played the game, bet the money, and lost it all! Fight your greed. Play smart instead, and, if you notice you’re losing, end the session, cash in the chips, and call it a night. Or you can opt to try another game. Whatever you decide, DON’T go over your limit.

Know When to Quit

Tip four takes us right into the topic of knowing when to quit. It seems as if this tip is present in all areas of our lives: when to quit a relationship, quit smoking, quit eating during a meal. Knowing when to quit when you play online is just as important. We all love to win and it’s very exciting to keep pushing until we hit the jackpot, but then, right when you’re going over your limit and you’re
still aware of your limit, get out. Save yourself some good money to keep having fun later.

i-quitIf you’re looking for a casino that has the perfect combination of offers, amount of games and great customer service, visit the 128Casino page where we introduce to you who we are and how we work. Enjoy your gambling!

How to play roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. It is easy to see why it popular – it is a relatively easy game to understand and there is an inherent level of excitement as the wheel spins around, the ball whizzes along, and you can quickly see whether you have won your fortune. In this article we take a look at the history of the game and give you a few key pointers on how to play roulette.

The history of roulette

The word “roulette” roughly translates from French as meaning “little wheel” and the game was created in France in the 18th century – based on many similar types of wheel games that were already being played across Europe. Due to the popularity of roulette, it quickly spread across Europe and the United States during the 19th century.

The rules of roulette

At its most basic, roulette is a lucky numbers game with the winning number determined by a ball that randomly falls into a spinning wheel. The croupier spins the wheel in one direction and the ball spins in the opposite direction – once the ball loses momentum it falls into one of the numbered slots on the wheel. There are a range of betting options that players can choose – you can place your bet on a single number, a range of numbers, the colour red or the colour black, or whether the number will be odd or even. Bets are made by placing your casino chips on the desired result on the marked table next to the spinning wheel. Most casinos will have minimum betting levels. While there are slots marked for the numbers one to thirty six, the wheel also contains a zero which gives the house an advantage. Once the ball has been spun and the winning number has been identified, the croupier will place a dolly or marker on the winning number on the adjacent roulette table. This is a signal to all players that the croupier will now calculate all winning bets and collect any losing bets – usually this is done in quite a dramatic fashion using a rake to pull in all of the losing chips and deposit them in the croupier’s bank.

Betting strategies

Roulette is a casino game that is designed to deliver a profit for the house. However some gamblers believe that they can beat the house by using a pattern of bets, trying to use past results to predict future results. Unfortunately there is no basis for this type of strategy as the results of the game are purely random and so while a player may enjoy some good fortune in the short term, ultimately the house will be the overall winner.
If you add up all the numbers on the roulette real (1-36), the sum total is 666 – the number of the beast. However if you are feeling lucky, then roulette could easily be the casino game of your choice. It is a fun, exciting game that everyone can enjoy.