Most Played Poker Game In The World

Texas Hold Em poker is the most popular game played in the casinos and poker rooms across Europe and North America. It has had an explosion of interest within the last decade, fueled by media coverage, lucrative competitions and the creation of online poker.

You must know how to play, and how to play well. Whether you want to beat your friends in a friendly home game, or make some money playing online or at a brick and mortar casino, or compete in a tournament, the following tips will show you how you can begin a journey which can be fun and rewarding.

You have to be acquainted with the rules of a particular website before you play your first hand of online poker. You need to know how bets are placed and the kind of decorum that you need to have while playing.

Find out if there are special considerations regarding free poker bets. These rules are very important. Some websites are so strict that breaking the rules would result in the suspension of your membership. So you better know these rules and follow them.

The next thing that separates beginner players from intermediate and more experienced players, is the ability to calculate your outs. Put simply your decision whether to call is to see if the odds of winning the money in the pot equal or exceed the odds of you getting the cards you need for a winning hand, also called your outs.

Quickly calculating whether the pot odds you face are favorable is essential to a long term winning strategy. The trick is to discretely calculate your outs without making it obvious to other players what you are doing, practice working out odds privately before taking it to real tables.

With poker, money is won and lost pretty easily. It is a high-risk game meant for the best card players. The good thing is that your confidence as you play poker grows with practice and experience.

If you don’t want to lose your money on the poker tables, you may want to practice making free poker bets in free poker games. Once you have polished your skills, you can now go to the casinos and play real poker.

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Blackjack Is A Game Of Strategy


Blackjack, one of the most popular casino table games, involves both luck and strategy. The object is to have the cards in your own hand come closer than the dealer’s hand to the number 21 without exceeding it.

The beauty of Blackjack is the dealer has no decisions or strategy in his role — he merely deals the cards and strictly obeys the few rules the game lays out for him.

There are two kinds of blackjack games played in casinos, which can use up to eight decks. One is the single or two-deck game where the dealer holds the cards and deals them out face down to each player.

In multi-deck games, a card shoe is employed which uses up to eight decks and shuffles the cards after each game. The cards are dealt out face up in front of the player and each player is not allowed to pick them up.

A hand in either type is also dealt to the dealer, only one of which is face up in the initial deal, the face down card is called the hole, and the object of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand. In some Blackjack games, the hole is not drawn until all the players have played their hands.

No matter how many players are on the table, the hand to beat is the house or dealer hand. A player always goes first when deciding either to get hit (get more cards) or to stand (stay with the present hand) at each turn, and the dealer will draw more cards until someone comes up with a twenty-one (blackjack) or goes bust.

All players who go bust automatically lose, whether the dealer goes bust or not. The dealer must draw if his cards are on 17 with an ace in the hand (called a “soft” hand because the Ace could have a value of 1 or 11) or 16 or less, and must stand at a hard (meaning no aces) 17 or more. If the dealer goes bust, all players who have not will win.

As you can see, Blackjack is a game of strategy and skill as well as chance, a game deceptively simple to play but a challenge to master!

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