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The world of online casinos and online betting is a very complex one that has been developed over a very long period of time, involving many intricate processes that have helped shape the way online casinos operate today. If you are a newbie to the world of online gambling, wrapping your head around the essential information and getting the hang of it may seem like a monumental feat, but 128CasinoV2 Online Casino Malaysia is here to help you make sense of it all. To help you get ahead in your journey to being a successful and knowledgeable online casino player, as well as to help you reap the best possible experience each time you play at an online casino, we have put together a handy glossary of useful gaming terminologies that apply to both online casino gaming and live casino gaming.

Active Payline
Used in slots, a payline refers to a specific row or path on the slot game. A certain set of symbols need to appear on that payline for the player to win something or receive a reward. When a player bets on a specific payline, it becomes known as an active payline. Bets on any specific paylines must be placed before the slot machine is spun.

All or Nothing
Specific to lottery games like Keno, this term refers to a method that offers players an equal chance of guessing half of the drawn numbers. For context, in Keno, 20 numbers are typically drawn; a player can bet on 10 of the 20 drawn numbers (half of the total). Type of prizes awarded vary depending on how many selected numbers by the player match the drawn ones.

All-In or All the Way
Popular in poker, ‘all-in’ or ‘all the way’ is used when an active poker player wishes to bet all of his or her remaining poker chips on their hand. ‘Going all-in’ is the phrase that is commonly used to describe this action or move; ‘going all the way’ is the announcement of the player’s intention to go all-in.

An alternative for the dealer or croupier of any casino table game.

Refers to the total amount that a player has available in his or her account to use on betting.

Bet Max./Min.
Bet Max is the maximum bet you can place on a slot spin; Bet Min is the minimum bet you will need to place on a slot spin.

Casino Advantage
Refers to the edge an online casino has over its players. Also known as the house edge.

Casino Tournament
A tournament organized by an online casino that requires punters to play a range of casino table games or slot games while a tournament leaderboard tracks the rankings of players. Typically, the player who emerges at the top of the leaderboard wins a prize, i.e. bonuses, cash, or prizes in kind.

The number or value ‘2’ on a die.

A move where a player gives up his or her hand, subsequently losing their bet. Usually used in table games.

High Roller
A casino player who makes large or high bets.

Used in Blackjack, this term refers to a player’s move to take another card.

Refers to the game’s winning chances and/or possible outcomes.

In slots, a paytable is an informational table/chart that tells players how that particular slot works and what the winning payline combinations are. Paytables show players what the winning amounts are for certain payline combinations.

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